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Piston Graphics is a boutique graphics business suited to small runs and bespoke work. We specialise in catering for the motor enthusiast industry however accept work from out side this area from time to time.


Born from our own enthusiast background in historic cars and motorcycles and our passion for graphic design, we offer a custom service to help our customers enjoy their special event or to embellish further on their enthusiasm through decals, shirts and hats. 


We use up an to date computer graphics program allowing us to generate the best possible images whether it be replication or creation. This work is transferred to an industry standard Roland full colour printer resulting in the best possible production of artwork onto various vinyl films. these films are very high tech and allow for adhesion to many surfaces.


Within this range of vinyls is the most advanced film for adhesion to fabric. Today's film is that pliable you can feel the fabric threads through the film once adhered. It will also stretch and contract with the shirt fabric, adhesion is for the life of the shirt and the colours are very sturdy.


Our shirts are the best available, chosen by us for their durability and cut so the shirts will retain their shape for their life time due to the quality of cotton used and the stitching process employed.


We are happy to replicate vintage decals producing high quality images and, in most cases, exact letter fonts. These can be applied to a vehicles paint or onto glass and we can even produce a reverse decal to be placed on the inside of car glass for a classic effect.  These decals can also be converted and printed onto our tee shirt vinyl for custom tee shirts to be made.


Piston Graphics welcomes feedback, good or bad, whatever your thoughts we want to hear from you. This is a part of our commitment to a high standard and quality workmanship.

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